Archive | September, 2013

Striated spaces in the wild

Since our discussion last week, I’ve been thinking a lot about the application of D&G’s theory, particularly about my word striated and smooth spaces. This has helped me start to see that yes, despite some challenges in understanding and applying this material at first, there’s a lot of value here. First, I’d like to talk […]

Is Foucault’s Panopticon actually leading to greater societal non-discipline?

In Foucault’s theory, the panopticon was a disciplinary tactic to ensure conforming to societal norms: This enclosed, segmented space, observed at every point, in l which the individuals are inserted in a fixed place, in which the slightest movements are supervised, in which all events are recorded, in which an uninterrupted work of writing links […]

Cultural Fascism and Adorno

While reading Adorno, I can’t help but think his work is completely applicable to today’s cultural situation. No matter what your media outlet is, you’re going to hear discussions about the same subject. According to Adorno’s theories, this is no surprise: Under monopoly all mass culture is identical, and the lines of its artificial framework […]