Why I’m Fascinated by UpWorthy’s Traffic Drop

Just last week, I recommended Upworthy’s slideshare presentation. It’s a smart, fun, and informative piece of content that outlines why the site has earned 90 million page views so far. But, since Facebook’s December algorithm change, their traffic has dropped 46%. That’s huge. It’s possible for them to recover, as this author points out. But […]

Choosing Projects

Earlier today, I had a reminder of how important it is to carefully select your business partners. In the words of a friend, “When you go into business with someone, sometimes you don’t realize you’re going to be working with them for 5, 10, or even 20 years.” Knowing that means it’s important to not […]

Annotated bibliography

Barbrook, R. (2000). Cyber-communism: how the Americans are superseding capitalism in cyberspace. Science as Culture, 9(1), 5-40. The American openness and spontaneity which led to the development of the internet could not have occurred in the totalitarian Soviet Union. Now, the same forces which allowed the internet to develop are injecting capitalist ideals. Barbrook writes, […]

Striated spaces in the wild

Since our discussion last week, I’ve been thinking a lot about the application of D&G’s theory, particularly about my word striated and smooth spaces. This has helped me start to see that yes, despite some challenges in understanding and applying this material at first, there’s a lot of value here. First, I’d like to talk […]